Initially, Atlanta foreign trade was a Spanish company focused on helping Spanish manufacturers to commercialize their products abroad supporting them in different areas of technical and commercial management as well as with our facilities for groupage and shipping. As a result of our close cooperation, we have established long term relationships with a future perspective and we can ensure continuous supplies of superior quality products at the best possible price.

Nowadays we also offer our services to manufacturers from other countries interested to introduce their products through Spain in the European market or in countries where we usually work, in compliance with the technical and business in the European market , or third countries, and providing logistical support requirements.

Our objective is supply to importers all over the world with the best quality products, harvested and processed by our customers and partners or seeking the most suitable products according to their needs and/or managing their shipments logistics (storage, stock control, document management deliveries … ) from Spain.


We are aware that no one can be expert in all markets, sectors and products, we differ from generalistic foreign trade consulting firms because we are specialized only in the food product industry and in the most favorable markets for these products. This means that we are able to recognize the existing culinary and cultural affinities related to new demand from different communities.

Unlike agribusiness consulting we are not only focused on the aspect of quality and food safety considering our orientation towards foreign markets

We organize develop commercial netoworks and organize the sale strategy rely on the expertise and market power of those distributors and partners with whom we collaborate in target markets.

Besides, we offer a 360º service because we provide not onñy knowledge but also facilities for the provision of logistics services. That allows us not only limit ourselves to advise you how to export your products, but also how to directly or indirectly intermediate with the target markets, assuming the right logistical tasks for the delivery of goods.

This shows that our purpose is not to sell theoretical studies or carry out exports sporadically.
Our effort is aimed to help your company to become an international company.