The location of our headquarters in Galicia leads us to consider as exports, shipments from Spain to third countries and imports, shipments from abroad to Spain. In the European Union given the free movement of goods , imports and exports are considered as introductions and expeditions.

Working with us your import-export activities from/to Europe, you can minimize risks in the reception of goods with undesirable characteristics, avoid problems of stoppage of goods at customs by deficiencies in the documentation and also avoid trade barriers and currency exchange risks.

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Expeditions from EU/Exports to third countries

Atlanta has specialized in markets with greater potential for Spanish food products ie countries with which Spain maintains traditional trade flows and some emerging countries.
Therefore our main export markets are in the European Union; France, Germany , United Kingdom , Portugal , in North America ; US and South America, Mexico.

If your company is located in any of these countries and you are interested in foods or beverages from South Europe and you do not find  in our catalogue, we look  for new suppliers and carry out negotiations , factory inspections , authorizations , quality control of products, origin certificates , trademarks , licensing of import / export, etc.

We are a developing company so we are preparing to expand our services to new markets with high purchasing power such as Japan , United Arab Emirates and Australia as well as those considered at high potential importers such as the BRIC´s ; Brazil, Russia China, which will count as a critical mass of manufacturers of popular products with which to generate demand in these markets and achieve logistics efficiency to get out to those markets with good reference prices.

Introductions to EU/Imports from third countries

If your company are located in Europe, we will give you the option to manage imports the same way as export to make your company more competitive, minimizing your fixed costs and through the optimization of your commercial tasks.
We also work for the implementation of foreign companies in Europe. We develop its sales network, firstly in Spain.


Atlanta is constantly seeking and selecting agents which may be involved at some stage of export-import file (carriers, insurers … ) . If you are interested in joining our logistics and sales network , please contact us indicating their activity through the contact form.