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We intensify commercial presence in the national and international market of companies with whom we work , managing their catalog and performing commercial structuring of markets.

We work differentiated and / or quality products such as the following  foods and beverages:

  • Craft products: Products with intrinsic product characteristics that differ qualitatively with respect to products of the same nature commonly regulated and / or specific characteristics of those traditional products which are not defined by national or Community rules established in the rules governing the use of the brand.
  • Organic products: Products from organic or organic agriculture. This type of farming is an agricultural system that seeks to provide consumers with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting systems of natural life cycle. The current EU organic legislation sets out rules for plant and animal production and processing of food and feed to be labeled as such.
  • Differentiated quality products: Those protected by EU rules ensuring compliance with a higher than those required for other products product requirements; ie products PDO (protected designation of origin), PGI (protected geographical indication) and TSG (traditional speciality guaranteed).

Agricultura EcológicaUnderstand how organic farming to the compendium of agricultural techniques which usually excludes the use in agriculture, of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides , antibiotics, etc. , with the aim of preserving the environment , maintaining or increasing soil fertility and provide food with all its natural properties.

Denominación de Origen ProtegidaProtected Designation of Origin – PDO: covers agricultural products and foodstuffs which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using recognised know-how.

Indicación Geográfica ProtegidaProtected Geographical Indication – PGI: covers agricultural products and foodstuffs closely linked to the geographical area. At least one of the stages of production, processing or preparation takes place in the area.

Especialidades Tradicionales GarantizadasTraditional Speciality Guaranteed – TSG: highlights traditional character, either in the composition or means of production.

  • If you are a manufacturer interested in commercialize the following typologies of products, please call us or contact us via the contact form
  • If you are an importer interested in any of them, please see our catalogue of products and information about their producers. You can also consult the catalog of our customers and the portfolio of their products on the e-marketplace www.foodiesandtravellers.com . If you look for something different, please call us or contact us via the contact form