Companies faces with many options before entering in a new national or international market. The choice of the potential market, the channel and the various forms of access vary according to strategy planned, the degree of risk and investment that the company is determined to assume.
If a company has needed years to increase and consolidate its domestic customer portfolio, the access in the international market cannot be realized immediately. This process requires commitment, effort and preparation.
As well as, to ensure you gain full market access, your company and product must comply with the requirements, technical and commercials, of your target markets. We identify these requirements and understand demands, through:

  • Technical advice: we cover the areas of agribusiness management to introduce without problems your products and ensure their quality.
  • Commercial advice: with a regional perspective and local expertise, preparing your company to minimize the risk and cost to launch your business in the markets which we work, including through e-markets 

We cover all areas of business, not only the final sales phase.  That is the reason why our consulting services are thought specifically for both, companies that in the initial stage of the process of internationalization or those that only require occasional support.

Through the counseling and the integral diagnose we prepare your enterprise in order to support international openness and  that increasing sales, will not generate decrease in the quality of their products or service offered.
We realize our services in three phases:

Phase 1: Diagnosis

After filling the contact form with the service request, we begin to develop for free a diagnostic of your company and products to determine the feasibility of the international strategy. This assessment focuses, among other features, on the production and the growth capacity of your business. We analyze, among other organizational aspects, the motivations, human resources and facilities, implemented quality benchmark, commercial and marketing aspects, use of ICT…
Depending on the results of this diagnosis will indicate if your company is able to internationalize to achieve success or, on the contrary must first correct certain deficiencies before starting the process.
Therefore, in the case where the diagnosis becomes negative, Atlanta will suggest the company a number of actions to take or temporally abandon the internationalization strategy. Otherwise, if your company meets the parameters for internationalization, we would start the next phase of study.

Phase 2: Study and planning

The successful of internationalization requires an approach that in addition to preparing the company involves responding to certain factors and motivations, and ultimately:

  • Knowing the culture, character ,habits and food consumption patterns in order to choose the most favorable key markets for its products
  • Reducing the portfolio of products in order to focus on those products that can be sold better in a first release in this new market
  • Adapting the product in order to satisfy the uncovered needs of the demand and differentiating it with regard from the competitors´

At this stage we analyze the product-market combination in order to choose the product or products and the most suitable potential market to begin the internationalization.
In fact, we develope an customized International Marketing Plan, which includes the strategy to carry out the export of these products to the target market, including advice on the product, price, promotion and distribution channels.
Once we have completed this phase , we will proceed to the implementation phase.

Phase 3: Implementation

Depending on the particular needs of your company, we help you:

  • With the implementation of required commercial standars to access each target market

  • The adaptation of the image of the company and its products to the target market-graphic and web design, naming…
    To accomplish this we will suggest according to our experience and knowledge of the convenience of using certain layouts, colors, designs, sizes, labels, price, discounts, etc.
    Regarding the promotional material, we adapt the brochures to each market. Atlanta will offer its contribution in order to create and edit new documents useful to promote the product sale, as well as the adaptation of its website and its optimization in search engine. As well as the inclusion of their products in domestic and international e-markets.

  • Providing documentation to formalize offers, contracts, business records, financial requirements, transport, insurance, certificates of export activity…

  • Carrying out legal procedures for approval expeditions and introductions at origin and destination- customs, public institutions of the health…