1. Consultancy

To ensure you gain full market access, your company and product must comply with the requirements of your target market. We identify those requirements and understand these demands. We cover all areas of business, not only the final sales phase.  That is the reason why our consulting services are thought specifically for both, companies that in the initial stage of the process of internationalization or those that only require occasional support in any of these areas:

1.1. Technical advice

1.2. International marketing

1.3. Marketing online

2. Foreign Trade

We can help you to proceed towards an advanced stage based on the implementation of your strategy in the markets we know. We work negotiating the sale or purchase of goods and conclude such transaction on behalf of our client or sometimes we assume the purchase of goods and its commercial management and logistics. We look for agreements in which all parties benefit from long-term relationships derived from our standards of ethics and responsibility.

2.1. Commercial representation

2.2. Commercial agent

2.3. Importer, exporter and distributor

3. Logistics

We provide logistics services to meet the needs of transport and storage of our customers, both dry and temperature -chilled and frozen-controlled conditions. We specialize in handling cargo, offering logistic solutions tailored to the special needs of the food chain.
We can offer services of Cross-Docking.Gifted with our own warehouse where inbound goods are consolidated, we can fill and unload  containers, trucks and trailers.
We offer inventory management and the quality control. Our facilities count on equipped areas where goods can be sorted, re-packed, labeled and temporarily stored until the outbound shipment is completed and ready to serve.
We do the dispatch and hire the most suitable means of transport depending on the nature of the goods and the transit time until it reaches its destination.

3.1. Warehousing

3.2. Handling

3.3. Shipping