Companies face multiple choices to introduce their products in new markets. The form of access varies depending the degree of risk and investment that the company is determined to assume.

Initially, the logical procedure to access foreign trade is by using direct exportation because this option imply lower investment an less risks. Nevertheless,it is not the same developing your commercial strategy in the domestic market than in the international trade. Moreover, nowadays to get success you have to use not only traditional channels but online channels through the use of innovative projects.

We can help you to proceed towards an advanced stage based on the implementation of your strategy in the markets we are working. We analyse channels and build solid commercial structures, both nationally and internationally through our commercial representation services and as a commercial agent. In this case, we work negotiating the sale or purchase of goods and conclude such transaction on your behalf.

Sometimes  Atlanta also acts as an importer and distributor assuming the purchase of goods and its commercial and logistics management. We do it that way with products that do not require adaptations to introduce in the European market or with products that we have been previously requested.

Similarly we act as an importer,  we act as exporter of products with foreign demand. We do this establishing supply agreements in which all parties benefit from long-term relationships derived from our standards of ethics and responsibility .

Finally, only when it is expected an adequate return on investment and enough knowledge of the target market, it is the moment to assume greater implications. In this case, we are sure to find cooperative solutions to strengthen its business structure as a preliminary step to a stable implementation in a country. We can help with your implementation and getting aids and grants if the country to invest is Spain.



-We differ from generalistic foreign trade consulting firms that we are specialized only in the food product industry and in the most favorable markets for these products. Our purpose is not to sell theoretical studies but to help your company to become an international company.

-We differ from the food trade intermediaries that in addition to commercial activities, we conducted consulting work and logistics. Our goal is not carry out exports sporadically from any manufacturer, but to work with your company as a trading partner and maintain a lasting business relationship.

-We select manufacturers of different types of complementary food products. That allowing us to jointly promote in international markets a wide range of food and drink tailored to every taste and need. For producers we act as an export consortium but without the fixed costs of their own infrastructure.

-We know that to export to a foreign country it is necessary to know their language and culture. Therefore we only work with countries where we count on partners located these markets.

-We manage for many of our customers the commercial and logistic aspects of their business. This provides us greater bargaining power with insurance companies, financial institutions, transporters, etc. This fact translates into greater cost efficiency and therefore a more favorable access to foreign markets with more competitive price than if your company assume these tasks itself.