We act as commercial agent on behalf of our clients and with the utmost confidentiality. Thus, commercial contacts made no reference to our company but to our customers.
We are dedicated to sell and buy foods, beverages and raw materials for this industry. We build confidence to our customers basing on our experience and quality service. Our services are specially tailored for:


We work as export department or as a partner if the company already has its own trade division. This modus operandi allows the company minimizing its fixed costs and delegate tasks without losing control of the actions to be taken. We are your business branch in overseas markets as part of the promotion and sale of your products.

  • Looking for the most suitable markets and importers for your products
  • Preparing and distributing the orders, following directions and commercial criteria of the enterprise
  • Supporting the sale on behalf of the producer
  • Facilitating and reducing the logistics cost of shipments through cross-docking services
  • If your products can not be imported from third countries without some approvals, we inform you before investing in commercial promotion so that your products can be sold at the moment they are demanded. See our consulting services


We act as a purchasing agent for companies established abroad , becoming their sole interlocutor with different producers. Assuming :

  • Searching for products tailored to requirements
  • Contacting with manufacturers
  • Making source inspections in order to provide  quality control of the products
  • Managing purchases, carrying out export licenses, importation procedures and order tracking ,if the case
  • Putting at disposal of our clients our knowledge and means to facilitate the logistics

We always try to supply our costumers products with the best quality at the best possible price. We can achieve this because we work as Food technologists, cooperate with many producers -to which previously we have checked the suitability of facilities and procedures, and collaborate with sommeliers who can make the first tasting of the wines.
From the production or first load in Spain we are in charge of checking goods and taking care of the loading and documentation. When we load directly in origin, we have also people there. We check all the process from the product is produced or caught till it is delivered to our client.