The rapid global spread of the Internet and its increasing commercial use , provides new opportunities for companies that want to promote their brand, products and services in a much cheaper way than the mass media (newspapers , radio , television) so , being able to perform both a previous prospecting and a promotion plan of a new market with minimal investment .

At present, it is essential to use the tools of web 2.0. in order to sell in international markets without a direct implantation.

The linguistic and cultural adaptation of your website, the positioning in the most popular search engines in each country ( Google , Overture , Nordtracker … ) or the creation of a global campaign in appropriate social networks, allow us access to a global market without large investments and therefore with little investment popularize their products / brands.

Atlanta operates in the following fields:

  • Web: Adaptation (design and content) of the page according to the tastes and habits of the target market and adequate translation of texts for positioning SEO and SEM campaigns.
  • QR codes , AppsLanding Pages, Newsletters….
  • Digital markets:
    Opening and management of profiles to market your products through our own ecommerce platform and the most suitable e-marketplaces for your product
  • Community manager: management of social networks for each market ( Facebook, Mixi, Qzone, Vkontakte, Sonico, StudiVZ…) and digital markets. AdWords Tools management for market analysis and trends.


Our advantages over that you manage the online channels independently are:

  • Dealing with several companies, we present a more diversified and attractive offer to buyers than the offer that company could achieve by itself
  • Doing promotion tasks for some customers, we can share operating costs among several companies
  • Instead of only using generalist e-marketplaces, their products are on a specialized international “showcase” permanently
  • Unlike the online shops of food and beverage products without own facilities, we have logistics infrastructure, which allows us to control the maintenance of product quality and delivery time
  • We have the knowledge of operational and international trade practice; this means that in the provision of our commercial services not limit ourselves to the national territory

Therefore, we are definitely the working tool for many companies that do not have the time or the means to manage the online channel and we do it in a more effective and efficient way than it could be done in isolation, with the comfort, tranquility and confidence of having  professionals dedicated to these tasks.