Atlanta perform the treatment of the material with the most thoroughness in downloads, uploads and preparation of orders and shipments.

Acting as a regulator store, we can centralize and coordinate logistics and transport infrastructure from or in Spain (Galicia). We manage your stock according your instructions and at all stages, for example follow the defined delivery system -FIFO, LIFO, expiry date, batch …

We have the European Registration number ES-40.19639/PO for multipurpose warehouse and handling. Therefore, we can perform picking and packaging of goods from one unit to the required quantity.

We manage and control traceability -even thermal, and stock management-maximum and minimum- reporting you the alerts from stock breaks, traceability and movements at intervals that you need .  As weel as, we can also offer services of quality control and labeling -elaborating your own labels, bar codes -EAN, UPC…, and re-packaging – providing packaging material, for example boxes of different materials or fumigated pallets.