We want to be one-stop-shop for your food import-export processes, optimizing costs and reducing the risks inherent to the transport of perishable good.

Working as shipper, we realize both the physical logistics of the cargo and the issuance of documents necessary for the export process, giving and integral service “door to door” or depending on the agreed INCOTERM, following a customs strategy planned according to your needs.

Depending on the nature of the product and destination of the cargo, we select the best packaging and container, considering the means of conveyance and transit time. Through packing  the goods in our own warehouse, we can controll goods from the origin and ensure the best transit time until it reaches its destination.
Relying on our experience in this field, we determine and hire the most appropiate mean of transport -by sea, air or land, to ensure that the transport operates as expeditiously as possible, with the maximum security and the best price. Moreover we do the dispatch, if is the case and process any commercial or administrative documentation; customs formalities, paperwork with health certification agencies, transport documents.

We also offer shuttles and hedging of commodity especially useful in the case of fragile or valuable goods by credit ranging letters, from partial to full coverage.

Acting as customs brokers we have developed a real specialization in solutions, optimizing the customs and tax part of your operations.

We manage your shipments to full loads but particularly in atlanta are specialized in cargo from different senders to minimize transport costs , as in the case of sending samples and goods for exhibition fairs.

Ar regards the destinations, we are mainly specialized in the Europen and North American markets. For that, we cooperate carriers to provide a regular and reliable service.

Sea Freight

If we take the Europe as reference our headquarter are located in the southwest, in Spain. Within this country we are strategically located in northwest, in a region known as Galicia and in this regional community, to the southwest, in Mos, an industrial area in one of the four provinces of Galicia, Pontevedra.We are at approximately 10 km from the Port of Vigo, one of the most important fishing ports in the world and next to the main maritime trade lanes to the north of Europe and Mediterraneo.
Moreover, with regard to this context, the Galician and Portuguese Ports a natural hub/out for Europe to America. This gives us a wide access to the harbor infrastructure and the main routes of maritime traffic, thought the B.I.P. of Vigo in Spain or Leixões in Porto -Portugal.
Thanks to the specialization of our warehouse and location in coastal port, the ocean freight -FCL and the trucking are the main sectors of the our activity in this field. We offer LCL container for various shippers to get FCL. This allows them to send partial shipments or partial loads through the most economical way, even reefers.
Atlanta evaluates all the possibilities of shipment with regard to European ports, so that elapses transport quickly and smoothly. We benefit from speedy delivery and our preferential agreements with major cargo carriers.
We provide for transport solutions, from the order shipping to the delivery, including stowage

Domestic Shipments

In order to achieve a regional distribution in Spain we plan routes of capillary distribution. We manage the domestic shipments with the urgency required to minimize shipping costs and reduce delivery times, which is especially useful for maintaining the quality of the perishable products and provide better service in the online sale of our customers.