According to economic literature, the business dimension is the most limiting factor of international openness. In fact, the percentage of exporting companies increases with the size of the company.
In Spain, 99.9% of all businesses is constituted by SMEs. Despite the high quality of Spanish beverages and food stuffs
and international potential of our companies, most of them lack Export Department or is centralized in a only person, the export manager.
For this reason, sometimes Atlanta acts as exporter. We purchase goods and also support its commercial and logistics management.

Equally important as the sale is the financial aspect of the it. In Atlanta we are constantly operating with financial entities and insurance companies. This gives us an access to means of payment, risk hedging currency exchange and discount rates in the most favorable conditions.

In our facilities we consolidate and desconsolidate goods. Moreover, we ensure that the goods are sold ccording to the requirements of the destinations through the control and constant supervicion of the products.

For all these reasons we can supply the market with the best quality products, harvested or processed by our partners and at the best price.

You can see some of them in our catalogue of products. In order to know more about their process and origen, please see the tab of producers 

Distributor in Spain, USA and UK

As distributor we motivate the sale, store, prepare orders, send and provide feedback of market information. As well as, acting as wholesaler, we follow signs and commercial criteria of the company, including in some cases its exclusivity.